How to add custom scripts on your course platform?

This article talks about adding custom scripts & CSS on your course web pages.

Visit your Dashboard > DESIGN > Website.



Click on “Settings” & scroll down.



Add Custom Scripts & CSS 

You can add software programs that include an interactive feature on your course platform using the custom scripts & CSS.

a) All Website Pages: The custom scripts that you add here go to all the web pages on your course platform. 

The first box is by-default set for the custom scripts meant for all pages.

Under "All Website Pages", you have the option to include Custom Scripts/Tags in the head tag,  Custom Scripts/Tags in body tag & Custom CSS.

Please note that you can use Custom Scripts/Tags in the body tag to even integrate a Chatbot.

To know it in detail, refer here!

If you don't wish to include anything here, just leave it blank. 


custom script


Click on "Add Page" to add a new custom script option.


add page


Now, you can select custom scripts for the Payment Success Page, Course Description Page, or a customized URL.


custom css


b) Payment Success Page: This allows you to add the custom script on the payment page when the learner checks out & makes the payment.

c) Course Description Page: This allows you to add the custom script when the learner visits any of the course descriptions. 

d) Custom URL: If you wish to add custom scripts on pages other than the ones mentioned above, select "Custom URL". 

Filter: Select the "filter" if any. You can choose anyone among "Contains", "Starts with", "Is Equals to". 

Select the URL Patters to specify your entry. 


url pattern-1


In each of the selected choice of the web page, you need to fill up the details of Custom Scripts in head Tags, Custom Scripts in the body tag & Custom CSS code.