How to integrate OTP Provider MSG91 within your course platform?

This article explains the steps required to integrate a third-party OTP provider tool MSG91 within your course platform.

Within Spayee platform, you can integrate third party tools like  MSG91 which would help you verify learners' information via OTP. 

Integrate MSG91 within the course platform

Go to Dashboard > INTEGRATIONS > Third Party

In the "Third Party Integration" page, scroll down. Find "OTP Providers". 




Under "Choose SMS Provider for Learner Mobile Verification" choose "MSG91".


msg91 choose


Here, you have to enter Msg91 Auth Key & Msg91 Sender.

To find Msg91 Auth Key, open a new tab & login to MSG91. Now, select "Developer Platform". 


msg91 open


Click on "Create New" to generate a new Auth Key.


auth key


A new box will pop up, asking you to enter the Name of Auth Key, this is just for your internal purpose to help you recognise the key. You can enter the name like "Learn Online".

Under, "Where Are you integrating", you can enter "Spayee".

Finally, click on "Add".


auth key .


Your new Auth Key will be generated. Click on "Copy" to copy your Auth Key & paste on your course platform.


copy auth key





Now, go back to the first tab & paste the Auth Key where you left. Under "Msg91 Sender" enter a 6 characters name which will be sender, Example: spa123. You can keep anything here.

After the above changes, click on "Save".

MSG91 is integrated!


authkey paste