How to check & upgrade subscription of your existing plan with Spayee?

This article explains how you can view, upgrade, downgrade & renew your current subscription as well as purchase add-ons.

Go to your Dashboard > ACCOUNT > Subscription.



View Your Subscription Details

Under "Subscription Details", you can view the details of your current plan. 

Product: Which plan are you on & its inclusions.

One Unit Price: Current Price per month offered by Spayee for your plan.

Number of Units: How many such units have you purchased?

Total/Month: Total monthly amount you are paying to Spayee. 



You can view the next billing date once your current cycle ends.



Make the Payment 

In order to upgrade, downgrade & renew your current subscription as well as purchase add-ons, click on "Change Subscription". 




You can view the details of subscription plans offered by Spayee.  Your current plan is mentioned on the top-right corner.




You can upgrade or downgrade your plan by scrolling down & clicking on "Upgrade" or "Downgrade".


plan upgrade


While "downgrading" your plan, you will get a confirmation message. Just click on "Yes, I want to Downgrade". Please note that downgrade becomes effective by the end of your current billing cycle.




While upgrading, click on Upgrade> Pay Now.

Please note that you can upgrade by paying the extra amount for your remaining subscription.


pay noe

Purchase Add-ons

In order to purchase add-ons, select the unit of add-ons you want to purchase & click on Continue.

You can purchase the following add-ons:

a) Country Specific Pricing
You can set a different price for different countries.

b) Instructor account

You can purchase additional instructor accounts access.

c)  Transcoding Slots
With extra transcoding slots, you can process multiple videos in parallel.


add om