How to bulk remove learners from the course/package?

This article describes how you can remove learners in masses from your course and package.

From your individual course & packages, you can remove multiple users, all at once. 

Go to your Dashboard > CONTENT > Courses. 

Now, go the "Learners" tab of the course whose learners you want to bulk remove.




In the Learners tab, check the box on top to select all the learners of that page. For example, in this case, the 10 learners will get selected.


tick learners

If you want to select all the learners from all the pages, then click on "Select All" from top right.

Uncheck the box for the learners you don't want to remove. 

all learners

Finally, click on "Remove" & select "OK".  All the selected learners will be removed from your course.


remove learners