How to refer Spayee Course Platform using your unique Referral Link?

This article tells you the process of finding your unique Spayee referral link & view the status of your current referrals who signed up on the platform.

Spayee referrals are like Spayee Partner Programs where you get to refer Spayee to someone using your unique Referral Link. Every time someone who signed through your link becomes a paid user, you earn a percentage. 

Go to your Dashboard > ACCOUNT > Referrals.




You can view the status of your current referrals on the top of the page. Under Dashboard, you can view the total number of referrals by you, the number of referrals who just signed up & the ones who have got into the paid plan. 



Checking your Spayee Partner Level

There are various levels under which we label our partners. Depending upon the number of successful referrals you made, your level & badge will be shown.

Example: Pro Partner. 

NEXT LEVEL: Shows how many referrals will get you into the next level. Name of next level & the rewards await you. 



Share your Referral Link

Scroll down & copy the referral link under "Share your Referral Link". You can share this unique link using which a user will sign up. This link will help you monitor your trial & paid sign-ups.


copy link

Referral Balance

If the amount has been credited to your wallet, you can check here.

Referred Organizations

Check the name of organisations who signed up on Spayee using your Referral Link. Beside the name, you can view their current Plan. 


wallet credit


Every time your signed up referral gets into the paid plan, you earn your percentage. The details are shown under the transaction.