How to set up the pricing plan for your course?

Defining the pricing plan is the final step towards publishing your course. This guide covers how to determine the pricing plan and define validity.

Pricing your course right is as imperative as creating valuable content for your learners. Once you have created your course, determining your pricing structure is the next important step.

Go to the “Courses” page and click on the details icon to proceed. Click on the "Pricing" tab on top to enter course pricing details.




List Course for sale 

This list will allow you to sell courses on the platforms you select. You will have an option to choose any combination of the three available platforms based on the plan that you have opted for. The three available platforms are Website, Android & IOS. If you want your course to list on none, you can opt for the fourth option "none".

Example: If you have chosen the advanced plan then all the three platforms are open for you to choose. However, by enabling only Website & Android you can restrict the course from publishing on iOS.


list course

Pricing Plans & Access Duration 

Under Pricing Plans, click on "Add Plan" to add a new pricing plan to your course.


pricing plan


A new box will open. Here you can choose one of the two available pricing plans.

Free Plan

Here, the learners can access the course for free. Keep a name for this plan under "Plan Name".

For example: By choosing this plan, learners will be able to access it for free for 10 days. 


free pricing plan-1

One Time Payment

In this pricing plan, the learner has to make a one-time payment while purchasing the course. Keep a name for this plan under "Plan Name". Now define the List Price & Final Price of the course. 

For example: By choosing this plan, learners will be able to access it for Rs. XXX till 20th Dec.


pricing plan-1


For every plan you choose, you can define the duration of the course for individual plans by clicking on "Limit course access duration".

Until fixed date: Set a date up until which the course can be accessed for this plan. 
Until a specific number of days: Fix the number of days. Only up until those number of days, the course can be accessed in a particular plan.  
By maximum video watch time: Define the total number of video watch hours, exceeding which, the course duration will be complete.
Please note that you can use the combination of "maximum video watch hours" with "fixed date" or "specific number of days". That means, whatever happens first, the course duration will be complete then.
After the above settings, click on "Add".
add pricing plan


If you want the learner of a particular plan to keep the course for a lifetime, you don't need to check "Limit Course Access Duration".

Recurring Subscription

Recurring Subscription allows learners to equal pay in equal intervals. This pricing type is best if you want to offer a free trial to your learners. Please note that this pricing structure works only with Razorpay payment gateway.

Plan Name: Write the Pricing Plan Name.

Price: Price learners have to pay at equal intervals. Example: Weekly or Monthly fees.

Bill Learner Every: Determine how frequent you want to bill. You can charge it weekly, monthly & annually.

 Set up Fee: Set up fees allow you to charge a fixed price before starting the recurring payment. Keep it blank if you don't want any one-time payment.

Include a free trial: In order to include a free trial, write the number of days.

Please note that recurring payment will start only after the trial period ends.


recurring plan



Once the subscription starts, learners can end it anytime from their account. 

In order to end the subscription, learners can go to ACCOUNT > Subscriptions.

Under "Actions", click on "x" icon beside the course whose recurring subscription you wish to end. 



Once done, the status will change to "inactive".



Adding Multiple Pricing Plans

Similarly, you can add multiple plans for a particular course. All the plans will be visible to learners who want to purchase the course. 


add plan