How to view & update your account details within the course platform?

This article talks about the process of viewing & updating your personal information & billing details.

Within the Course Platform, you can edit or update the necessary information about you anytime, even after you have created your account. 

Go to your Dashboard > ACCOUNT > Profile

My Profile

Change Profile Picture

You can either set a new display picture for yourself or change your existing one. Just click on the "camera" icon, choose a new file & "upload".



Log out of your platform

Click on the "Logout" option placed on the top-right if you want to log out of the course platform.



Update Profile Details

From this section, you can update your Name & State. Type out your updated Name & State and click on "Submit" to save the changes.

You can view the E-mail you provided, but you can't change it from here.


profile details

Billing Details

Once you scroll down, you can view & edit the Billing details.

You can view & change Billing Name, Billing Address, Country, City, State & GST No. 

After doing the required changes, click on "Submit".


billing details

Change Password

In order to change your password, enter your current password under "Password". 

Now, enter the "New Password", then re-enter the new password under "Confirm Password".

After the following changes, click on "Submit".