What is the difference between Quiz and Live Test?

Even though Quiz & Live Test seems like the same term, a few basic features set them apart. This Article highlights their differences.

'Quiz ' and 'Live Test ' seem like the two sides of the same coin. Even though both of them are introduced to assess a student's calibre, a few basic features set them apart. 

To make sure that you leave no stone unturned to make your course valuable for your learners, we are going to elaborate the two key features of the Course Builder i.e. Quiz & Live Test. 


A quiz is usually a short test. It is great for self-assessment which allows learners to mark their understanding of a topic and improve accordingly. The learners can attempt quizzes multiple times to scale up their skills. 


Live tests are the standard evaluation technique which is used to determine learners' overall standing within the organisation.     

Quiz Vs. Live Test

Let’s understand the basic differences one by one more clearly.


The quiz is mainly used for the self-assessment of the learners and to enhance their skills.

Live Test is mainly used to draw a comparison among the learners. 

Examples: All India Test Series, Scholarship Test etc.


Learners can access the quizzes throughout the validity of the course. Once the course gets expired, quizzes get expired as well. Quizzes can be attempted any time as per the discretion of the learners within the defined limit.

Live Tests has a fixed window where the institute has to allot an opening & closing date & time. The learners can access the test only during that window. However, the admin has the authority to extend its time frame.

Time limits:

Quizzes can be attempted for a set timer or for an unlimited time frame as set by the institute. The lime limit can be fixed to "zero" in that scenario.

The learners have to complete the test only during that time frame which is set by the institute. The time limit can never be zero.

Attempts allowed:

The institute can allow students to attempt Quizzes multiple numbers of times. While setting the Quiz in course builder, the institute can fix the number of attempts allowed beforehand.  

Live Test can be attempted just once. Reattempts aren't allowed.


The results are published immediately after the quiz is submitted. The marks obtained after every attempt is shown to the learner in a pictorial representation to measure growth.

In Live Tests, the admin decides when & how to publish the results once the test is conducted. The result shows learner's grades and ranks among all the learners who attempted the particular live test.

Creation Limit:

There are no limits over how many Quizzes institutes can create whilst the course irrespective of which plan you do opt for.

Live Tests have a fixed limit based on the kind of plan you opted for. The pricing structure are as follows:

  • Starter Plan: 50 Live Test Attempts per month
  • Basic Plan: 300 Live Test Attempts per month
  • Business Plan: 1000 Live Test Attempts per month
  • Advanced Plan: 2000 Live Test Attempts per month

Live Test Attempts are charged at per attempts after free quota. Charges are INR 10 for Basic, INR 9 for Business and INR 7.5 for Advanced Plan. 


Even though both Quizzes, as well as Live Test, are beneficial for the learners, live tests get comparatively better engagement.

As per the data, the institute keeping regular live tests brings in more engagement. Hence, it is advisable to keep at least 1 to 2 live tests a week to increase users' engagement and assess their performance from time to time.