Creating your first course is an exciting step. Therefore, we have made it super easy for you to create and upload the course content. 

Once you are redirected to "Course Builder" you would find an option to "Add New Chapter".

By clicking on the “Add New Chapter” you can add the first chapter or the subsequent chapters. The left panel would show the table of contents on the basis of the course content flow. Table of Contents would also be visible to the viewers in the description page the same way, once the course is published.

Once you click on “Add New Chapter” or “Add First Chapter” a new set of options would pop-up enabling you to select your preferred form of uploading content.

Upload New Item

This option allows you to directly import files from your computer or from a url and upload as the course content.


You can directly add the PDF files to the course from your computer.


You have the option to add videos here. The uploaded videos are completely secured and non-downloadable. You can also embed YouTube and Vimeo videos here.


SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. This option enables you to import the course content from the host server to your institution panel. SCORM packages are included in the course. 

Create New Item

This option allows you to  create content for the course on the spot.


Here you need to define the chapter as well as section headings.


Create the textual lessons for your course. It can also be used to embed iframe and add HTML code through the source option.


This can be used to collect any information from learners while they are taking the course.


Assigning learners tasks is a great way to assess how much they were able to grasp a certain topic or a chapter. You can assign assignments to learners and learners can upload the answers in pdf/image format. Once submitted, you can either accept,  or reject the answer.


Quiz is an interesting and engaging way for learners to better understand the nuances of the course. Learners can attempt it at any time and view instant results.

Live Test

Live Tests are used to check learner's overall standing within the organisation. Live Tests are conducted are available only for a certain time period and can be attempted only once within the specified time frame. Leadership board is visible to learners after result declaration.

Choose from Asset Library

An Asset Library is your personalised library consisting of all the course materials uploaded by your institution. Here, you can choose any document which is uploaded at anytime in your institution panel and add them in your current course.
Visit this article for the step by step guide of adding content from Asses Library.

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