How to upload new content into a course?

This article shows a step by step guide to upload a variety of course content (Video, Audio, Quiz, eBook) directly from your computer.

Creating your first course is an essential step towards your success. This article simplifies the course creation process. It also guides you to build and organize content to offer to your users.

Log in to your institution panel and set up a course. Once course is setup, click on Course Builder icon to open "Course Builder". Course Builder allows you to create a course by uploading content in simple and easy steps.



Click on "Add New Chapter" or "Add First Chapter" in the course builder landing page to start adding the content.



Once you click on “Add First Chapter” or “Add New Chapter” a new set of options would pop-up enabling you to select your preferred form of uploading content. 


Upload New Item

This option allows you to directly import files from your computer and upload as the course content.

Create New Item

This option allows you to create content for the course on the spot.

Choose from Asset Library

An asset library is your personalized library consisting of all the course materials uploaded by your institution. Here, you can choose any document which is uploaded at any time in your institution panel and add them in your current course.

In this article, we would cover "Upload New Item" in detail.

Upload New Item

1. PDF  

You can directly upload the PDF file to the course from your computer.

Select PDF, choose the file from your PC, then click upload.

Once you choose a file from your computer, the file would start to process. Once it gets processed completely 100%, click on "Save" to save the PDF to your course.


2. Video

You have the option to add the video content here. The uploaded videos are completely secured and non-downloadable. You can also embed YouTube and Vimeo videos here.

Upload Video from Computer:
Click on upload, choose the file from your computer & select upload. Only MP4 files are allowed. Once uploaded, videos are transcended and encryption is applied to secure the videos. After processing video 100%, click on "Save" to add the video to the course. Once uploaded you can edit and update the title of the video.

Note - For security purpose we do not store mp4 files, only encrypted files are being stored on the platform. These videos are not recoverable. Its better to have a copy with yourself.



Embed YouTube Video:
Click on YouTube, add the YouTube video link which you want to embed. Fill in the title under which that YouTube video would be hyperlinked & submit. Finally, click on "Save" to add the video to the course.



Embed Vimeo Video:
Click on Vimeo, add the Vimeo video link which you want to embed. Fill in the title under which that Vimeo video would be hyperlinked & submit. Finally, click on "Save" to add the video to the course.



SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. This option enables you to Import the course content from the host server to your institution panel. SCORM packages are included in the course.
For more information on SCORM, please visit here.



You can add SCORM by choosing the file from your computer. The file must contain index.html at the root directory. The max size of the ZIP must be 250 MB. Upload the file, then submit.