How to add/setup Quiz in your course?

This article teaches you how to setup a Practice Quiz/Test in you course.

A Quiz is usually a short test. It is an interesting and engaging way for learners to better understand the nuances of the course. Learners can attempt it at any time and view instant results.

Steps to Create a Quiz

Login to the platform and Click on the Content available in the left panel. Now click on Course tab. Open your course in Course Builder and click on create new item, then select "Quiz". Now enter title, time limit & no of attempts allowed to get started.



Title- This contains the title of the Quiz, under which the Quiz would be published.
Example: If the Quiz is based on the "Para Jumbles" Chapter, you can keep the title as "Test Your Para Jumbles knowledge".

Time Limit- Determine the maximum time taken by learners to finish the test. If you want the limitless timing, then you can choose zero.
Example: If you want to give not more than 60 min to your learners to attempt a test, you put 60. In 60 minutes, the quiz will be automatically submitted.

No. of Allowed Attempts- You can give liberty to the learners to attempt a quiz multiple times. Just select the number of times you want to allow them to attempt the quiz. You can leave this space blank if you don't want to restrict the number of times they appear.
Example: If you want to give your learners 3 attempts to take up a Quiz, you put 3. The learners will be able to attempt the same Quiz maximum 3 times. Beyond that, the option to attempt that test will be gone.

Automatically choose random questions based on pre-defined filters- If you want the system to shuffle the questions and give learners the different set of questions every time they take the test, then you can opt for this option.

After filling the above information, click Submit.

You will be redirected to a page where you have to enter the more details.

Title: The title that you entered in the previous page would be shown here. You can edit the title here as well.
Instructions to be shown at Start of Quiz: This box contains the set of instructions which you want to share with learners before they attempt the quiz.




Show Scientific Calculator: You can give learners the liberty to access scientific calculator while attempting the Quiz.
The default option is selected as "No". To allow learners to use scientific calculator, select "Yes".



Time Limit: The Quiz Time Limit that you entered in the previous page would be shown here. It is editable.

The number of Allowed Attempts: The no. of allowed attempts that you entered in the previous page would be shown here. You can edit this option here as well.

Minimum Time Before Submit: You can allot a minimum time taken by the learners to attempt a Quiz. The learners won't be able to submit the Quiz before completing the minimum allotted time. 

Show custom message based on user performance: You can use this option to set customized remarks for learners based on their scores.
Check the box to show different messages for different percentage group.
Example: If you want to give the students securing 90 and above a remark "Well done. Keep up the good work.", you can write it in the message box. In the "User percentage Between" you will write "90" in the first box & "100" in the second box.

If you want to elaborate further on different sections, you need to click on (+) sign to add sections.


The final step is to add Questions. You can upload the Quiz questions directly from your desktop in multiple formats, or import directly from the Question Bank. 

Click here to know how to create new Quiz questions.