How to add a question to the Quiz?

This article explains how to create the "Single Correct Option" Quiz questions within the course.

A Quiz is usually a short test. It is an interesting and engaging way for learners to better understand the nuances of the course. Learners can attempt it at any time and view instant results.
Once you fill-up the relevant Quiz information, the next step is to add Questions into the quiz. 

Log in to the platform and click on the Content available in the left panel. Now click on Course tab. Open your course in Course Builder and click on create a new item, then select "Quiz".
Now enter the title, time limit & no of attempts allowed to get started.


The next step is to start adding questions. You can either create them instantly or add directly from your desktop, or Import from the Question Bank. 


This guide covers how to "Add New Question" into the Quiz item..

Add New Question

This option allows you to create new questions on the spot. 

To begin the process click on “Add New Question”. Next up, fill in the basic Quiz details as explained below:



Select the type of Question you want to create. The four types of questions, that you can choose from, are as follows:

  • Single Correct Option: This is a multiple-choice question which has only one correct answer.
  • Multiple Correct Options: This is a multiple-choice question which can have more than one correct answers.
  • Numerical/ Fill in the blank: Here, the learners need to fill up the answer on a text box. In case of a numerical answer, you can specify a bracket. Any answer falling under that numerical bracket would be considered right.
  • Match the Column: The learners need to pair up the individual items given in the left column with that of the right column.

Single Correct Option

This is a multiple-choice question which has only one correct answer.
Question: What is 2+5?
a) 7
b) 6
c) 5
d) 9
Answer: a) 7

You have to specify the name of the subject for the particular set of questions.
Example: Geometry.

The topic is a defined area of the subject. Defining the topic gives a heads up to the learners to prepare accordingly.
Example: Circle.

Tags are meant to specify individual topics & sub-topics related to the Quiz. You need to separate the tags by comma.
Example: Mathematics, Modern Math, Geometry, Triangle and Parallelogram.

Is Group Question?
Sometimes a batch of questions is formed from one single Question.
Example: A reading comprehension question will have a batch of questions from one common ground only.
If this question is one of them, tick it off.

Question Text
Enter the question text here. This is a HTML editor which allows you to add text, image, videos and special characters in the Text.



Enter your answer option in Option 1, Option 2 & so on.
To add options click on "+" right below the last option.



You can choose to provide the explanation to the correct answer here.

Show Advanced Options
Click on "Show Advanced Options" to discover more options.

  • Order: Define the order of the question by giving them numerical value. Value "1" denotes the first question of the quiz. While using this feature make sure that the order of each and every item is uniquely defined and are in order. Two questions can not have the same order value.
  • Mark: This is the marks assigned to an individual question.
  • Penalty: This is the marks deducted from the total score for marking individual question wrong.

Click on "submit" to add the above question to the Quiz.
Repeat the same process to add more questions.

After submitting all the questions, click on "save" to update all the changes.