How to create a Quiz from Word document?

This article explains how to bulk upload Single Option Questions, Multiple Option Questions & Fill in the Blanks from Word document.

A Quiz is usually a short test. It is an interesting and engaging way for learners to better understand the nuances of the course. Learners can attempt it at any time and view instant results.

Steps to Create a Quiz:

Open your course in Course Builder and click on "Create New Item" then select "Quiz".



Once you fill-up the relevant Quiz information, the next step is to add Questions into the quiz. 

You can either create them instantly, add directly from your desktop, or Import from the Question Bank. 


Bulk Upload Questions from Word Document

Once you click on "Upload", you will be redirected to the three formats of uploading questions to the particular quiz.
In this guide, we will cover how to upload questions through Word documents.


MS Word: Upload questions with images and specific text formatting.

You can create Quiz questions by simply uploading a specific word template file. Word template should have a question in text and image formats.



The first step is to download the sample question file, shown above. You need to upload the Word document with the same format as shown in the downloaded sample question file.
Please note that if you don't upload the word file in the same format, then it won't be added as the Quiz Questions.
The downloaded sample question file will have a set of instructions which are self-explanatory.  

Upload Questions in the provided Question Format:

After the instructions, the actual recommended question format starts.
The text under the curly bracket { } explains what question information do you have to fill in that particular column.

Here, you have to write the serial number of the question by replacing "1" with whatever number of the question you are writing.

Similarly, you have to fill all the other options.

Please note that you can keep images as options too. 

Remove the OPTIONS you no longer need.
Example: If there are only 4 options in the question then remove everything from {OPTION 5}  to {OPTION 10}.



Once you create a file in the pre-defined format as explained above, upload it. Click on "Choose File" then choose the file from your computer then select "Upload". 

If your uploaded document complies with the specified format, then the new questions will be detected by the system.



However, if your uploaded file is not in the predefined format, then the browser will not be able to read the questions. The results will show "0 New Questions added".