How to create & review Live Test?

This article would guide you through creating a new Live Test as well as reviewing them once the learners submit them.

Live Tests are taken only during a fixed window to check the learners' ability to perform. Results are manually generated by admins. Leadership board is visible to learners after result declaration.

Steps to Create a Live Test:

Open your course in Course Builder and click on "Create New Item" then select "Live Test".



Click on "Live Test", then fill in the below information:

Title- This contains the title of the Test.
Time Limit- Determine the maximum time taken by learners to finish the test. This can't be zero.
Test Open Window- You have to determine the opening and closing date & time of the test here.
After filling the above information, click Submit.



Click on "Information" to update Live Test settings:

In this section, the Live Test info that you have previously entered is visible. However, you can edit it from here.


Here are a few settings that you can additionally do:

a) Tags: Include the subjects, categories the test belong to, separated by commas.

b) Instructions to be shown at Start of Quiz: Add any notes/instructions that you want to display to your learners while starting the Live Test.

c) Show Scientific Calculator: If you want to give the support of a scientific calculator, click "Yes".

d) Generate Results: Select "Manual" if you want to release results at a later decided date.

To schedule the result declaration, do the following:

At a particular time> Generate Results at > Date & Time

At your selected date & time, the Live Test results will be automatically published.



Post Submit Message: Type in a note to be displayed at the end of the Live Test.

Minimum Time Before Submit: Select the minimum time taken to attempt this test.

Show custom messages based on user performance: You can show specific messages after result declaration as per learners performance.

Check this box > Set user percentage > Add message

To add more click on "+" icon.



Arrange Questions by Topic: Select "Yes" if you want the live test questions to be arranged topic-wise.



Click on "Questions" to create/upload Test questions.
You can upload the questions directly from your desktop in multiple formats, or import from the Question Bank.
The process is the same as that of the Quiz.


Steps to Review the Live Test:

In your Dashboard, click on the CONTENT, then go to "Live Test". 

The landing page would show the result of all the assignments that have been created to date. Your recently created assignment will be shown on the top. 

Search by Title

In the "Search by Title" box, you can search the title of the live test which you want to review. Type the assignment name then click on search, the available result will follow.

Under "Actions" the "Result" icon is shown beside the individual live tests.
Click on the "Result" icon to view all the information about that test.



You will be redirected to that particular "Live Test" results. The landing page shows the detailed info about the learners who have attempted that live test.
The learners' information includes learners' details such as Name, Email & Phone as well as the test details such as Maximum Marks, Marks Obtained, Correct, Incorrect & Skipped answers as well as Total Time taken.   


The Leaderboard shows the Rank wise data of the students. Rank 1 is shown in the first row & then subsequently the data follows. It is highly useful when a huge number of students appear for the Live Test.
It automatically ranks them and shows Individual marks details.


Submitted Attempts

This shows the data of the students who have manually Submitted their tests along with their Date of submission & Start Date. Through "Delete" option you can delete the submitted test of that particular learner.


Unsubmitted Attempts

This shows the data of the students who have attempted the test but haven't submitted them manually. This can happen if the learner couldn't submit the test within the provided time frame.
Through the "Submit All" option you can submit the tests of all the learners.


Generate Results

"General Results" option allows you to generate the results instantly. Once you click on "Generate Results", the results would be live in the learners' account as well as will be automatically sent via mail.  


Export as CSV

If you want to maintain the report of the whole result or want to publish it elsewhere, you can click on "Export as CSV". The test report will be downloaded in your computer in the Spreadsheet form.