How to create a Quiz From Excel document?

This article explains how to create Quiz questions by uploading Excel files from your computer.

A Quiz is usually a short test. It is an interesting and engaging way for learners to better understand the nuances of the course. Learners can attempt it at any time and view instant results.

Steps to Create a Quiz:

Open your course in Course Builder and click on "Create New Item" then select "Quiz".



Next, you need to fill-up the relevant Quiz information.

Now, you can either create Quiz questions instantly, add directly from your desktop, or Import from the Question Bank. 


Upload Document to the Quiz Content

Once you click on "Upload", you will be redirected to the three formats of uploading Quiz questions to the content.
In this guide, we will cover how to upload questions through Excel documents.


MS Excel: Upload simple questions with the textual format.

You can create Quiz questions by simply adding an Excel sheet from your computer to the platform. MS Excel document can be used only for plain text presented in a specific format.



Once you click on the Excel option, you have to follow "Upload Instructions" before you upload the document.



Download the "sample question file" as mentioned in point 1. by clicking on it.

Presenting the Excel sheet in the same format as described in the "sample question file" helps the platform to recognize the text and automatically add them as the Quiz Questions. The files which do not follow this format won't be readable by the platform, hence would stay unnoticed. 

The downloaded file is simple to comprehend. The question's information is the same as explained above. You just have to fill in the question details in the provided sheet. Keep the spaces blank where you no need to fill up options.

Example: If there are only 4 options in the question then leave the cells blank from {OPTION 5}  to {OPTION 10}.

Please note that you can only add plain textual content here.



Once you fill-up the sheet in the pre-defined format as explained above, upload it. Click on "Choose File" then choose the file from your computer & select "Upload".
The platform would validate your Questions and then would directly add them in the Question Bank.