How to enroll learners into the Course?

This guide explains how to add the individual as well as multiple learners into the course manually.

Once a user signs up into your course platform, they get access to the course they purchased and the free courses.
Learners can view all the courses in their library section.

However, if you manually want to assign any of the course to any particular user or multiple users, the process is elaborated below.

Visit your Dashboard, go to the "Courses", then go to the course you want to select.
Just below your preferred course, click on the "Learners" section.



You will be redirected to the Learners' Details tab of that particular course. You can view all the information about the learners who have enrolled in that course.


Enroll Individual Learner

To enroll individual users into the course, select "Enroll", placed at the top right.



Fill the Name or Email of the user you want to assign the course to.
Please note that the learner must be signed up in your platform, otherwise the Name or Email won't be accepted. 



Now enter the Name or Email of the learner you wish to assign the course to. Now select "Confirm" to confirm the learner. 

Once you click on "Confirm", that learner would automatically get added to the learners' list for that course.

Enroll Multiple Learners

To enroll multiple users into the course, select "Bulk Enroll", placed towards the top right.



"Bulk Enroll" option gives you the option to enroll multiple learners into the course at one go. In the landing page, you will have to upload the file in the required format containing the users' information you want to enroll. 



First and foremost, download the Excel Template by clicking on "Download Excel Template".
The template would be editable. You need to fill in the Email address of the learners you wish to enroll. If you want other learner's information like their Name, Password or Mobile no., just check the boxes assigned beside them.

Please note that if you don't manually enter the password, the system will generate random passwords & mail them to the learners.
However, if you have entered the password, that password would be mailed to the learners.


Setting validity/ Changing Validity using Bulk Enrol

If you want to change the validity period of your courses for your existing course, you can do it right through this step.

Along with E-mail Id, choose "Excel Fields" "mm-dd-yyyy" as explained in the last step.

Here, include the E-mail Id of your learners whose validity period you wish to alter & enter the validity period under "mm-dd-yyyy".

Please note that if you don't have your learners details, you can extract that from "Course Report".



After filling in the information, click on "Choose File", select the file from your computer, then click on "Upload".
The learners would automatically get enrolled with updated validity.
Please note that the learners' information must be in the specified template format for the system to read it.