How to check Learners' progress and other details?

This article describes how to check your learners' information as well as track their progress.

Learners section gives you a perspective of how your course is performing as well as where the learners are discovering our platform from.

Steps to Check Learners' Details

Visit your Dashboard, go to the "Courses", then go to the course you want to select.
Just below your preferred course, click on the "Learners" section.



You will be redirected to the Learners' Details tab of that particular course. You can view all the information about the learners who have enrolled in that course.


Number of Learners

The number under the bracket, placed beside "Learners" shows the total number of learners who have enrolled for your course. 


Quiz Report

A Quiz Report gives the report of all the learners who attempted the Quiz. Here, you can view marks scored by the individual learners, their rank & percentile.

Course Report

A Course Report gives the report of all the learners who are taking the course. Here, you can view the learners' information along with their course completion status.

Bulk Enroll

"Bulk Enroll" is used to manually enroll multiple users into the course. 


"Enroll" is used to manually enroll the individual user into the course.


Enroll Date

This shows the date & time on which the particular learner enrolled in the course.



This shows the name of the learners. Beside every learner, their respective information is followed.



This shows the Email address of the respective learners who have enrolled for the course.


Assigned Through

This shows the information about how the learners got assigned to the course. Whether the learner has purchased the course directly from the course platform or was assigned manually, is shows here.



"Status" shows the current course status of the learners. Through "Status", you can view the "Progress" of the learners in terms of course completion percentage. You can also view Total "Time Taken" by the learners to study their respective percentage.
To view chapter-wise progress report of the learner, click on "Complete Report".



This shows the course life left for the learners to complete the course.



By clicking on (-) sign under "Actions" you can remove any learner from the course.