How to create Access Codes?

This article explains how to create & track Access Codes usage on your course.

Access Codes are the auto-generated codes which learners can use to get access to a course without purchasing it directly from the platform. 

Steps to Generate Access Codes:

Visit your Dashboard, go to the "Courses", then head over to the course you want to select.
Just below your preferred course, click on the "Learners" section.



You will be redirected to the Learners' Details tab of that particular course. Towards the left, in the menu bar, select "ACCESS CODES". 



You will be redirected to the "Access Codes" tab. Here you can generate new Access Codes as well as fetch the results of how the previous Access Codes are doing. 


To create new Access Codes, click on "+ New", placed on the top right corner.


A new tab will open where you need to fill the relevant information about creating the Access Codes. 

Custom Name

Custom Name is a name given to the generated Access Codes. If you enter a custom name the Access Codes will be the numbers followed by the Custom Name you set.
Example: If you set custom name as "MATHS", then the generated Access Codes will be MATHS1, MATHS2 & so on

To make sure that the Access Codes aren't predictable and consist of random letters & numbers, leave "Custom Name" blank.

Usage Type

Through this option, you need to specify if the generated codes can be used just once or multiple times.
Single: If you want a code to be used just once by one user, chose "Single".
Multiple: If you want the same code to be used over and over again by different users, select "Multiple".

No. of Access Codes

Through this option, you need to specify the number of unique Access Codes that the system needs to generate.

Valid Till

Specify the time limit, beyond which the Access Codes won't be usable.

After you fill in all the information, click on "Submit".



Once you submit all the information the Access Codes would be generated.
You can view all the information about the Access Codes here. 

Created Date: The day on which the Code was created.

Code: This shows the actual Access Code which has been generated.

Valid Till: This shows the validity of the code, which was set by you while creating Access Codes.

Usage Type: This shows whether the Code can be used once or multiple types.

Active: This shows the active status of the Code. You can change its status and make it inactive by selecting "x" under "Actions".

Status: You can discover from here whether the code has been redeemed so far.

Redeemed By:
 View the name of the user who redeemed the code.



If you just want to view "Used" Access Codes, click on "Used" placed at the top. To view "Unused" Access Codes, click on "Unused" placed at the top.
To download the whole Access Code information on your computer, click on "Export as CSV". 



Please note that under "Actions" you can edit the code, usage type & validity. You can also change its status and make it inactive by selecting "x" under "Actions", then deactivate.