Spayee platform allows you to award Online Certificates to your learners who have completed your course. You can reward them the certificates upon course completion or on the basis of Quiz score.

Steps to Generate Certificates for your Learners:

Visit your Dashboard, go to the "Courses", then head over to the course you want to select.
Just below your preferred course, click on the "Learners" section.

You will be redirected to the Learners' Details tab of that particular course. Towards the left, in the menu bar, select "CERTIFICATES".

Enable Certificates

In the " CERTIFICATES" tab, you have the option to enable or disable awarding certificates to your learners.
Awarding certificates is by-default enabled, until you disable them through the button at the top, beside "Certificates".

Certificate Design

A pre-designed certificate is provided in the platform. Click on "Preview" to preview the certificate. A new tab will open where the certificate will be previewed.

To edit the certificate. click on "Edit", a new HTML tab will open where you will be able to customize the certificate as per your need. 

An HTML Editor tab will open where you will be able to edit & customize the certificates.

Certificate Type

Through "Certificate Type" you can determine the parameters, where only those learners who fall under them will be rewarded a certificate.

Completion Certificate
Completion Certificate is rewarded to those learners who have completed all the course items in that particular course. However, you can put a restriction here through "Minimum Passing Percent".
You can set a minimum marks scored in every Quiz, which means if a learner has completed the course but has scored less than the set score in any of the Quizzes, then he will not be awarded the certificate.

However, if you don't want to set any score restriction, then set "0" under "Minimum Passing Percent".

Example: If you want this certificate to be rewarded to someone who along with completing this course has also scored at least 50 % in every Quiz, then learners scoring less than 50% in any of the Quizzes will not be rewarded the certificate. 

Knowledge Based Certificate
If you want to set any one quiz to determine the caliber of your learners to gain a certificate, then choose the certificate type "Knowledge Based Certificate".  

Under "Choose Quiz" select the Quiz which will be the defining criteria for rewarding the certificate.
Set the "Passing Percent" to determine the minimum marks your learners need to score in your pre-determined Quiz in order to get the certificate. 

Checking Issued Certificate's Details

Click on the "Issued" placed at top right to check the Certificate details of the learners who were already issued the certificates.
The details will include Date of Issue & Name of the learner.
Click on "Download" to download the certificate. 

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