How to connect GoDaddy domain with your Spayee platform?

This article describes the process of setting up a custom GoDaddy domain with your Course selling platform.

On Spayee, you have the option of using the default Spayee sub-domain. However, if you’re on the Basic plan and up, you can connect your institutes custom domain or sub-domain with the course selling platform.
A domain name is a URL which appears in the address bar of your web browser.


Purchase Domain from GoDaddy

In order to set up a custom domain, you'll first need to have a domain name. If you haven't bought it already, go to GoDaddy's domain name search and purchase one.
In the search bar, type in your desired domain name and click Search.



Once you find the domain name "available", reserve it by going through GoDaddy's checkout process. Click on "Continue to Cart" & purchase it.

After purchasing your domain name, you can add it to your Spayee Course Platform.

Adding Your Domain Name to Course Platform

Go to your Spayee "Dashboard", select "SETTINGS", then click on "Domain".



Just below "Your Custom Domain" there is a box. Just enter the personal domain name, then click on "Save".


Edit GoDaddy Settings 

Log in to GoDaddy & click on "My Products".
Under the Domains section, select the URL you are using for your platform, then click on DNS next to it.



You will be landing on a page showing "Records", select the CNAME record that has "www" under "Name", and "@" under value. Click the pencil icon to edit. However, if you find no "CNAME" record, you can create a new one by selecting "ADD".

Under "Host" text box, enter "www". Under "Points to" fill in "". Then "Save" the changes.


The final step is to enable "Domain Forwarding". Domain Forwarding allows your website to be discovered by the browser for ALL your website searches weather of not containing "WWW" in the beginning. 

Under your "DNS Management" page, scroll down. Go to "forwarding" then select "ADD". 



Now enter your custom domain along with "www", then click on "Save".


Spayee Settings

The final step is to set the domain as your platform's primary domain.
Log in to Spayee. Go back to your "Domains" under "Dashboard", then enter your Domain name. Don't forget to add "www" in the initials.
Now login again to get the "verified" custom domain.


Please make sure that you do not set your Domain name as your primary domain before you get it verified. This is to ensure zero hassle while logging in & while learners browse for your platform.