How to conduct Live Class in your Spayee platform?

Learn how to conduct live classes & webinars for your enrolled learners directly through your course platform.

Conducting Live Classes & hosting webinars make your online course extremely engaging and efficient for your learners.

Once you are In the course builder zone, click on “add first chapter” or “add new chapter”. A new set of options would pop-up, enabling you to select your preferred form of uploading content.

Conduct Live Class

Under Create New Item, you will find the option "Live Class". Live Class option can be used to conduct live classes as well as host webinars.
Once you click on it, another window will pop up.

Select "Inbuilt Live" to come live from your course platform only.
After entering your Live Class Title & Date & Time, click on "Submit".
Upon submission, a detailed page will open where you need to enter other key details mentioned below.

This contains the course item title. Under this name, the live class would be displayed. 

Available From

This contains the Date & Time from which the session is scheduled to begin. You can edit this option here.
Example: If you want the class to begin on 25th Sep, 19 at 9:00 am, fill in "25-09-2019 9:00". The live class would automatically start streaming as per schedule.

Pre Class Message

This text is shown to learners before the Live Class starts. You can add a welcome message here or short description of the upcoming Live Class or Webinar.
Example: The summary of the class would be mailed to you. For better understanding keep a notebook handy.

Post Class Message

Once the Live Class would end, the learners will receive an ending text. You can add a "thank you" note or instruct them to take further steps.
Example: The live class has ended. Attempt the next quiz within 48 hours for better understanding.

Show Recording (if available) to Learner

Through this feature, you can enable your Live Class recordings to be available for your learners as well. 

Notify Users On Class Start

In order to notify your learners via E-mail, WebPush or Mobile Push upon the beginning of class, check your preferred boxes.

Show Whiteboard

If you just want to share your screen or run a recorded lecture, you don't need a whiteboard. In that case, click on "No" to disable it. However, if want to scribble & get your learners to take note, you do nothing as whiteboard is by-default enabled.


A thumbnail is the display picture to be displayed as background until the live session begins.
Click on the "choose file". Select your preferred image from the desktop, then click upload.
Please note that the recommended size of the file is 600*400


After the above steps, scroll up & click on “Save”.

While clicking on “Save”, a new box will pop up. If you want to update learners about a new chapter, click on “Save & Notify Learners”.

Check the “web push” if you just want to notify learners on your website and/or click on “mobile push” to notify learners via the app.

Important Instructions for Instructors

These are a set of instructions given which are self-explanatory.

Begin Live Class

You will be able to begin the Live Class now. Click on "Launch". 

Once you click on the button, you will be redirected to the landing page where Live Class begins.

The first question would be for you to choose the choice of audio.
Choose "Microphone" to speak while taking the Live Class, or, choose "Listen only" to enable the audio conference. You can change this setting later, anytime.

You will have a whiteboard present during the live class. The whiteboard will be visible to your learners. You can write with the pen, or draw boxes to highlight text & erase them as well.

You can also change slides at the bottom of the whiteboard. You can view these slides later.

Dual-User Whiteboard

In order to use whiteboards by two users simultaneously in the same live class, click on the "2 whiteboard icon". Beyond that, the name of the user would be visible whoever will be writing on the board.

Live Class Recording

To begin your Live Class Recording, click on the "Start Recording" button on the top.

At the bottom of your Live Class you can change the following settings:
Mute/Unmute: Click on the phone icon to mute your audio. Your learners won't be able to hear you out.

Webcam:  If you want to switch to a live video, click on the icon present after the mute icon, then click on "start sharing". Through this option your learners would be able to watch you live.
The live video will be visible above the white board. You can also make it full screen by clicking on the "zoom" icon.

Screen sharing: This option is placed after webcam icon. Through this option your learners would be able to see your computers' screen. Highly useful when you want to use white board. 

You will get the option to start a poll, upload a presentation as well as share an YouTube video by clicking the "+" button placed at the bottom of the page. 

Towards the left you will be able to see how many learners are viewing the Live Class at any point of the lecture. 

You can send messages to all your learners during the lecture by typing the text in the message box "Send message to Public Chat".

You also have an option to record the Live Class which you can keep for later use. To enable recording, click on "Start recording" right on top of the screen.