How to connect Mailchimp to your Course platform?

This guide describes how to integrate mailchimp within your Spayee platform

MailChimp is specifically curated to cater to your Email Marketing needs. It helps you manage a large audience in setting up automated Emails & much more.
Whether you are already using Mailchimp or planning to use it, Spayee now allows its integration on your platform. 

Login to your platform, click on "DASHBOARD" & move towards the menu bar at the left. Click on "INTEGRATIONS" & select "Third Party". You will be headed to the third party integrations' page. 

In the "Third Party Integration" page, scroll down. Find "Mailchimp Integration" and click on "Yes". 



Once you select "Yes", you will be asked for "Mailchimp API Key" & "Mainchimp List/ Audience Id".  



To fill in the above-asked information, open a new window & login to your Mailchimp account. Click on your Username on the top right, select "Account". 



Now go to "Extras" & select "API Keys". Scroll down in the landing page and select "Create A Key".



Your API Key will be created. Copy your API Key & move to your Spayee platform where you last left.



Paste your API Key on your Spayee platform. For your "Mailchimp List? Audience Id", go back to your Mailchimp account.



Once you land back to your Mailchimp account, select "Audience". On the right, click on "Manage Audience" drop-down menu, then select "settings".



In the landing page, scroll down. At the bottom, you will find "Unique Id for Audience". Copy the Id & head towards Spayee platform.



Paste the "Audience Id" and click on "Save". Your Mailchimp account will get connected to Spayee platform.



Once you are done with the process mentioned above, every time a new user signs up at your platform, he will automatically get added to your existing Audience List.



In your Mailchimp account, the user's information will include their Email, Name, Address, Phone Number, Birthday & Tags. For every course, a Tag will be created, which will help you filter your audience on the "Tag/Course" basis.