How to add new Affiliates in your Course Platform?

This article guides you through the step by step process of adding new Affiliate Users & making learners your Affiliate.

Affiliates are those people who promote your courses among their network & generate some commission every time someone purchases your course through their reference.
Spayee has integrated Affiliate Codes as a marketing tool.

Through this section, you can add new Affiliates, generate new Affiliate Codes & check Affiliate Leader board to see how many leads your individual Affiliates have generated. 

Steps to add new Affiliates:

Visit your Dashboard, scroll down and select "USERS". Now, click on "Affiliates" to view all the details of Affiliates as well as create one.



Now, click on "New" to add new Affiliates into your course platform.
Please note that only you, as an admin can create a new Affiliate account and add new affiliates into your platform. 



In the landing page, fill in the details of new Affiliate.
You need to enter Name, Email, Mobile No, Password & Role of the Affiliate.
If you select "Send Email to User", then a new E-mail consisting of your Affiliates' password would be automatically sent to the Affiliate.
Please note that new affiliates can be your existing users too. 



Alternatively, if an Affiliate has already signed up in your platform as another user, then you can change their role.
Go back to "USERS" & click on "Learners", if the "Affiliate" is signed up as a learner. 



Now, go to the learner who would be converted to an Affiliate. Click on the "User Details" icon under "Actions".



Go to the "Profile Details", change the role to "Affiliate" and click on "Submit" to save the changes.



Once you have added new "Affiliates", you can generate new "Affiliate Codes".
Please note that Affiliate codes are just like Promo Codes from the learners' perspective. Using these codes whenever a learner would sign up, he would get a discount.