Affiliates are those people who promote your courses among their network & generate some commission every time someone purchases your course through their reference.
Spayee has integrated Affiliate Codes as a marketing tool. Through this section you can add new Affiliates, generate new Affiliate Codes & check Affiliate Leader board to see how many leads your individual Affiliates have generated. 

Log in to your institution panel and set up a course. Once the course is setup, you can begin with the next steps.

Steps to add new Affiliates:

Visit your Dashboard, scroll down and select "USERS". Now, click on "Affiliates" to view all the details of Affiliates as well as create one.

Now, click on "New" to add new Affiliates into your course platform.
Please note that only you, as an admin can create a new Affiliate account and add new affiliates into your platform. 

In the landing page, fill in the details of new Affiliate.
You need to enter Name, Email, Mobile No, Password & Role of the Affiliate.
If you select "Send Email to User", then a new E-mail consisting of your Affiliates' password would be automatically sent to the Affiliate.
Please note that, new affiliates can be your existing users too. 

Alternatively, if an Affiliate has already signed up in your platform as another user, then you can change their role.
Go back to "USERS" & click on "Learners", if the "Affiliate" is signed up as a learner. 

Now, go to the learner who would be converted to an Affiliate. Click on the "User Details" icon under "Actions".

Go to the "Profile Details", change the role to "Affiliate" and click on "Submit" to save the changes.

Once you have added new "Affiliates", you can generate new "Affiliate Codes".
Please note that Affiliate codes are just like Promo Codes from the learners' perspective. Using these codes whenever a learner would sign up, he would get a discount.

Steps to generate new Affiliate Codes:

Visit your Dashboard, scroll down and select "Marketing". Here, you can view all the available features. Now, head over to the "Affiliate Codes" to explore it in detail.

Generating New Affiliate Codes

Click on "New" button to add a new Affiliate Codes. Now, fill in the details as explained below.

First Purchase Only:  Check this box if you want this code to used only when the user is making their first purchase.
Example: If a learner has already purchased a course already, he can't use the affiliate code to claim discount while making second purchase and so on.

 Specify the affiliate code here.
Example: A combination of words & numbers like "AFL156".

Description:  A description is used to describe the usage & the type of affiliate code, majorly for the record.
Example: If your promo code is "ENG156", then you might describe its purpose, usage and what "ENG156" stands for.

 Specify the course or package where this code would be applied.
Example: If you specify your promo code "ENG156" to be used for "Physics" course, then someone purchasing "Maths" course wouldn't be able to redeem it.

 Choose the name of Affiliate for whom you are generating these codes.
Example: If you choose "Pratik" as your Affiliate, then every time someone signs up using these codes, it will be added to Pratik's leaderboard.

Discount Percent:
Specify the discount percent applied while using this affiliate code.The maximum discount percent can be applied is 100.
Example:  If the course price is Rs. 1000 & you want to sell it for Rs. 800, then you have to give the discount of 200. Here 200 is the 20% of original course price. Hence, maximum discount percent would be 20.

Maximum Discount Value:
Specify the maximum discount value that a user can avail while applying the code.
Example:  If the course price is Rs. 1000 & you want to sell it for minimum Rs. 800, then you have to give the discount of maximum 200. Hence 200 becomes your maximum discount value.

Minimum Cart Value:
Specify the minimum purchase value under which the user can avail this.
Example: If you put in Rs. 5,000 as the maximum cart value, then someone with the total purchase of Rs.5100 won't be able to avail the discount.

Valid Till:
Specify the date on which the validity period ends.
Example: If you want the Affiliate Code to expire on 02/01/2020, then enter this very date. If someone is using the code on 03/01/2020 then he won't be able to avail the discount.

Max Use Count:
Number of time this promo code can be used.
Example: If you want only the first 10 users to avail the discount then set the number to 10.

Max Use Count by single learner [*]
Maximum number of times a single account can use this Promo Code.
Example: If you don't want an individual learner to use this promo code more than twice, fill the number as "2". Beyond twice, this Promo Code would stand deactivated for this learner.

After filling in the above information, click on "Save".

Search  Affiliate Codes

Once you click on the "Affiliate Codes" you can view all the details of your affiliate codes at one place.
You can directly "Search" the status of any Affiliate code by providing the promo code & its course name to narrow down the Affiliate Code results.
Fill on "Code" and/or "Course/Package" and click on "Search".

Edit Affiliate Code

You can make changes to the Promo Codes that you have created till date.  Go to the Affiliate Code that you want to Edit.
Under "Actions", click on the "Edit" icon to make changes to any of the information that you entered while generating the Affiliate Code.

Deactivate Affiliate Code

Deactivating the code would make it non-functional, which means no new purchases can be done using the Affiliate Code.
Go to the Affiliate Code that you want to deactivate. Under "Actions", click on the "deactivate" icon to deactivate the Affiliate Code.
A new question will pop up asking "Do you really want to deactivate the Affiliate Code?". Select "Ok" & the Affiliate Code will be deactivated.  

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