How to create & check the Preview of your Course in Course Platform?

This guide explains how to release a section of your course publicly & check the preview of your course as a learner before making it live.

"Preview Course" feature allows you to view the course as a learner, even before it's published. Even if the course is published, you can make changes to it anytime and preview it.
Once you have set up your course, you can head to the Course Builder tab to create your course content and preview them.

On the other hand, the "Create Sample" feature allows you to release specific chapters of your course publicly as a preview to the learners. Anyone who visits your course store page would be able to access it for free.
This feature helps you to share the glimpse of your course with the potential learners who are most likely to purchase your course in the long run. 

Preview Course as a Learner


Preview an SD Card Course:

Go to Dashboard > CONTENT > Courses > Preview.


SD card course

 Preview a Normal Course:

To preview a normal course, go to the course & select its Course Builder. 


SD card course-1


Now, towards the left of the page, select "Preview Course", to open your course preview.
The course preview will open within seconds with the Table of Contents towards the left. 



Now that you have seen the preview of your course, you can release a specific section of your course publicly through "Create Sample". 

Create Sample: Preview Course by Learners

Click on "Create Sample" to select the chapters which you want to make available publicly.



Now, check the boxes of those chapters which you want to make accessible publicly.
Click on "Save" to save the above changes. 



Once you have created the Sample Course, a new "Preview" option would be visible for the said course in the course store page.


Alternatively, visitors can also scroll down & select "Course Contents". They can freely access those specific chapters by clicking on "Preview".