How to enable learners' video & audio during Live Class?

This article describes how to allow learners to privately share their video & audio with you while conducting a Live Class.

Conducting Live Classes & hosting webinars make your online course extremely engaging and efficient for your learners.
If you launch your Live Class through the Spayee platform, you will have multitude of options available to interact with your learners.  

If your learners aren't able to explain their doubts through the Public Chat window, you can allow them to share their video & audio with you.
Please note that only you can view them and other learners can't.

Steps to enable your learners' audio & video

Once you have created & launched your Live Class, your learners who are joining your class would be visible on the left side of your screen.


Enable All the Learners

After launching your Live Class, go to the "settings" to re-establish how you want to be connected to your learners.
Learners are by-default barred from using the advanced Live Class features. Through the "Lock Viewers" option you can enable them for your ongoing Live Class. 

Go to the "Settings" icon, select "lock viewers". You will have all the options to enable/disable settings for all the users. 

Webcam:  From here you can enable or disable sharing your webcam with other users.

See other viewers webcams: Enable or Disable sharing webcam by other learners.

Microphone:  Choose if you want to use the microphone to enable audio. 

Public chat: If you don't want learners to be commenting publicly, you can disable this window. 

Private chat: Allow learners to chat with you privately using this option.

See other viewers in the Users list:  By enabling this option all the viewers will be view who all are attending the Live Class. 


Enable Particular Learner

Select the learner who wants to share their screen & audio with you.
Once you select the learner, choose the last option "Unlock (Learner's Name)". Once you unlock a learner, he can share his screen & audio with you.

Please note that at most only 8 learners can share the screen with you simultaneously in one Live Class. 



The shared screen will be visible on the top of the screen.