How to create SD Card courses within the Spayee platform?

This article describes how to set up and publish SD Card courses to sell to learners offline.

Spayee, being a course platform, supports all the types of courses that your learners might be interested in.
While the most popular one is "Normal Courses", our platform also supports "SD Card Courses." 

In SD Card Course, the content is uploaded the same way as "Normal Courses". However, it gets shipped as an encrypted ZIP file to separate SD Cards. This course type only works in Android-based mobile devices and Tablets. 

SD Card Courses are suitable for those institutes who want to sell offline courses to learners.


Even though most of the features are same on all the types of Courses, here are the important points to be noted about SD Card Courses: 

  • Once you have published SD Card Courses, it can’t be edited. However, you can preview them anytime.
  • Since SD Card Courses is about selling courses offline, it doesn't offer a Live Class, Live Test or Assignment feature.

Create an SD Card Course

Go to your dashboard > CONTENT > Courses. Now click on "Create Course” to add a new course.


create course

In the landing page, enter Course Title, Course Instructor and Course Type.
In the Course Type choose "SD Card Course".



Now, you will be redirected to course builder. Here, you can create or upload your course content. 

Set up your course 

Now that you have created your course, it’s time to determine the pricing structure and other significant information.
Go back to the “Courses” page and click on the details icon of your SD Card Course to proceed.


SD card course deatils

You will be redirected to a page with the following broad headings namely Details, Pricing, SEO, and Advanced. 

Refer to this article to know more about Details, SEO & advanced. 

Click here to know how to set up pricing structure in details.

Publish Your Course

Now that you have uploaded the course content & set up other important details, it's time to publish your course.
Go back to your course builder, re-check the content you have uploaded & click on "Save" to save the changes.
Now, click on "Publish Course" to publish the course. 



Once the course is published, click on "Set Course Price". If you haven't priced your course already, then you can do it from here.
However, if you have already done it in the previous steps, then go to the "Advanced" option. 



Now, Download Course Zip by clicking on "Prepare ZIP for SD Card".


prepare zip

Once the course zip is ready, click on "Download ZIP". Now, go to the downloaded zip folder & right-click on it.



Right-click on the downloaded Zip folder, select "Extract All". To confirm the extraction, click on "Extract" again. The process would be completed in a while.



Revisit the "Downloads" folder and refresh the page. You will find a new folder with the same name as the zip file. Now, right-click on the folder & copy it. 



Insert your SD Card & create a new folder.
To create a new folder, Right-click, select "New" and choose "Folder".
A new folder would be created.
Now, name the folder "courses". 



Now, Open the "Courses" folder & paste the file you had copied previously.
Your SD Card Course is ready.



Access Procedure from the Learners' side

Please note that the learners can access the course only through the study app. Once the learner inserts the SD Card on his device, he needs to follow the following steps:

Log in to the app & go to "My courses". Here the learner can see the assigned SD Card course.

Now, click on your SD Card course & select "Import Course".

Now, browse & select  "ALLOW" access to the SD card course.


Your course will now be processed up to 100%.

Finally, the course import would be successful. The learner would be able to access the course.