How to approve Ratings & Reviews within your course platform?

This article describes how to view & approve Pending Reviews and check average Ratings within the course platform.

Once you set up your courses and publish them, it would be available for purchase. Every learner who signs up on your platform would be able to rate & review them.

However, individual ratings & reviews won't be visible publicly unless you approve them from your end.
This practice would prevent fake reviews & ratings which are posted to malign your image and would only entertain genuine reviews. 

Steps to Manage Ratings & Reviews

Visit your Dashboard > Content > Ratings & Reviews.


ratings review

In the landing page, you can view & approve the pending reviews of all the courses.

Approve Course Reviews

You can check all the individual course reviews by clicking on Pending Reviews. 



If you can't find the course, you can directly search by its title on the search box. Select the course on the basis of the search result. 

In the landing page, you will have all the "Pending Reviews" of that course.
Now, click on "Reject" to stop the review from being published on the platform.
Click on "Approve" & the review would be published on the platform.
Please note that you can change the status of a review anytime even after approving or rejecting the review. 



Once you have approved a review, you can feature them on top. Click on "Mark featured" to place that review on top of all the other reviews. 


In the "Review Manager" page, you can view all the "Rejected", "Approved" & "Pending" reviews of the course.
Rejected: These are the reviews which you have rejected.
Approved: These are the reviews which you have already approved, hence these are live on your platform.
Pending: These are the reviews which have neither been approved nor rejected.


Average Rating

The learners has the option to rate your courses along with submitting a review. 5 being the highest rating & 1 being the lowest. Average Rating is automatically calculated by taking into account all the Ratings & Reviews that you have approved.
Please note that average ratings of your courses would be publicly visible on your platform. 


Enable/Disable Ratings & Reviews

Reviews & Ratings are by default enabled in your course platform. However, you have a choice to disable it for your platform or your chosen courses.
To disable Ratings & Reviews feature on your platform, click on "Enabled" toggle button right on top & the feature would be disabled. 



Likewise, you can also disable Ratings & Reviews on an individual or multiple courses.
Click on the toggle button under "Enabled" to disable the "Ratings & Reviews" feature on specific courses.