How to create & assign instructors into your course?

This article describes how to add free & paid course-wise instructors to your particular courses.

Instructors are those users who have course-wise access to the platform. An instructor account is created by the admin. Instructors are authorized to view & manage "Course Builder" and "Sales Dashboard" section of their assigned courses.
Please note that an admin can assign more than one course to one instructor & multiple instructors to one course.

Free Instructors & Paid Instructors

There is a pre-defined limit on the number of free instructors you can have on your platform. These limits are based on your chosen plan.

Free instructor accounts Limit as per your plan: 

  • Basic Plan & Pro Plan: 1 Instructor account
  • Business Plan: 3 Instructor account: 
  • Advanced Plan: 5 Instructor account 

However, you can have instructors beyond the specified limit as well. These instructors would be paid instructors. Know about the pricing in details.   

Add new Instructor Account

Visit your Dashboard, scroll down and select "USERS". Now, head over to "Instructors" to add new Instructor account & view the details of existing instructors.

Before you proceed, check your "Instructors Limit", placed on the top right. 



To add a new Instructor account, click on "New" button. 



In the landing page, fill in the details of the new Instructor.
You need to enter Name, Email, Mobile No, Password & Role of the User.
Select the role as "Instructor".
If you select "Send Email to User", then a new E-mail consisting of your Instructor's password would be automatically sent to the Instructor.
Please, note that new instructors can be your existing users too.
After filling all the details, click on "Submit".


View Instructor Details

Once new instructors are created, you can view all the instructors' details on the "Instructors" page. To check all the details about an instructor in detail, click on the "User Details" icon of the particular instructor.
User Details page consists of the comprehensive details of the instructor.


Assign New Course/ Remove assigned courses

You can assign additional courses or remove the assigned course from the instructor's profile.
Go to the "Profile Details", then go to "assign courses". Now, search for the course you want to add.
Scroll down & click on "Submit".


Export Instructors' Details

To export the details of the instructors click on "Export". 

Fill in "From" & "To" to specify the serial numbers of the instructors whose details would be extracted.
Now, click on "Submit". Instructors' details would be downloaded in the form of an Excel Sheet.


Import Instructors' Details

To export the details of the instructors click on "Import".
At the bottom of the page, select the fields of the users whose details you want to add. Now, click on "Download Excel Template", to directly download the excel template.



Now fill the details on the downloaded Excel template. Click on "Choose File", and click on "upload". Once the learners get imported, click on submit. The new users would get automatically added.