How to find your Live Class recording?

This article describes where to find the live class recordings once your Live Class has ended.

While conducting a Live Class, you have the option to record it. Once the Live Class has ended, you can view these recordings after a span of 3-5 hours, depending on the length your recording.
You can keep these recordings for you or share with your learners as well. 

Show Live Class Recording to Learners 

Before launching your Live Class, go to the option "Show Recording (if available) to Learner". Mark this option "Yes" & "Save" the changes.



Once the Live Class would end, the learners would be able to access them as a part of the course content, on website & mobile apps.

Enable Live Class Recording 

You can enable the Live Class Recording once you launch your Live Class. To record the Live Class, click on "Start recording" right on top of the screen.
Your recording would start.


Locate Live Class Recording

Once your Live Class ends, it takes 3-5 hours for the system to process your recording & save in your platform.

Locate through Asset Library

After the stipulated time, visit your dashboard & select "CONTENT". Now, go to the "Asset Library". 



In the Asset Library, you can easily spot your Live Class Recording. If you haven't uploaded any new content after the Live Class ended, it will be on top.
To view all your Live Class Recordings, go to "Add Filters" & select "Asset Type". Now choose "Live Class Recording". All your Live Class Recordings till date would be filtered out.



Alternatively, you can search directly by its Title. Type the title of the Live Class in the "Search Box" & click on "Search".



Now, go to the "Details" icon, below "Actions". In the landing page, scroll down & view your Live Class Recording. 


Locate directly through Live Classes Section

Visit your dashboard, go to "CONTENT" & select "Live Classes".



In the landing page, you will have a library of all the Live Classes & Live Class Recordings launched till date. 

Go to the Live Class recording that you want to view. You can also type in its title on the "Search by title" box &. Now, click on the "Recording" icon under "Actions" to view the recording.