How to use Live Class Recording to create course content?

This article describes how to use your Live class recordings to create new content for your new courses or existing courses.

While conducting a Live Class, you have the option to record it. Once the Live Class has ended, you can view these recordings after a span of 3-5 hours, depending on the length of your recording.

These recordings become a part of your Asset Library which you can use to add new chapters in any of your courses.

Add Live Class Recording to your course content

Visit your dashboard & select "CONTENT". Now, go to the "Courses". In the Courses page, pick up the course where you want to add Live Class Recording as a new chapter. 

Now, click on the "Course Builder" icon of that course to add "Live Class Recording" as course content. 

Alternatively, you can also create a new course & add Live Class Recording as a new chapter. 



In the Course Builder tab, click on "Add New Chapter" to add a new chapter or "Add Chapter Item" to add a new sub-chapter. 



Now, select "Choose from Asset Library", to add "Live Class Recording" to your course content.



In the Asset Libraryy, you can easily spot your Live Class Recording.
If you haven't uploaded any new content after the Live Class ended, it will be on top.
To view all your Live Class Recordings, go to "Add Filters" & select "Asset Type".
Now choose "Live Class Recording".
All your Live Class Recordings till date would be filtered out.



Alternatively, you can search directly by its Title. Type the title of the Live Class in the "Search Box" & click on "Search". 



Now, check on the boxes of the recordings you want to add as chapter items & click on "OK".
Please note that you can choose multiple recordings at once to add as course items.  


In the landing page, you can edit the "Title" of the video & add relevant tags.
You can also view the video.
Now, click on "Save" to save the changes.
To confirm changes, you need to choose between "Save Changes" & "Save & Notify Learners".
If you want to notify learners about the above changes, click on "Save & Notify Learners", otherwise select "Save Changes".