How to launch scheduled Live Classes within your course platform?

This article explains how to launch a series of scheduled Live Classes directly from the Live Class Section

If you want to launch a series of Live Lectures on your platform, you should first build a Table of Contents before launching a course. Table of content shows the chapter wise flow of a course to the visitors. This gives them an insight of what to expect in the course content.



Hence, while creating a new course you should set up Live Class details first if you are planning to launch a series of Online Lectures after specific time intervals. In the Course Builder tab itself, you can fill in the details of multiple Live Classes to launch at later dates.

Example: If you are planning to launch one Live Class every Fri, you can set them all at once up using Course Builder tab. Every Friday, you can directly launch them one by one.

Go to Course Builder tab & set up your Live Classes.  

Launch your scheduled Live Classes

Visit your dashboard & select "CONTENT". Now, go to "Live Classes". 



In the Live Classes section, you will get all the details of your past Live Classes, its recordings as well as scheduled Live Classes.  
All your upcoming Live Classes will have an option to "Launch" under "Actions". 



If you are unable to find the Live Class you are looking for, you can directly search by its title by clicking on "Search by Title".
Type in the title of your "Live Class" & click on "Search". 



Now, under "Actions", click on "Launch" to launch your Live Class.
A new window would pop-up stating a few instructions.
Click on "Launch" to proceed.   



Live Class would be launched within seconds. Now, you can conduct your Live Class,