How to customise Related Courses section in your course store page?

This article describes how to set up "Related Courses" for the individual courses in your course platform.

Related Courses are those courses which are shown as course suggestions whenever someone views a particular course.
For every course, you can have a different set of Related Courses.

Setting up Related Courses would gauge the interest of the learners & send the traffic to your other courses as well. These would help in sales upliftment as Related Courses are the ones that your visitors would be highly interested in.   

Example: Whenever a user would be viewing your "Physics" course in his course store, he would have other course suggestions like "Maths" or "Biology" on the left side of the page. These suggestions are clickable. Hence, the visitors can click on the "Maths" course suggestion & can directly visit its details as well as purchase them. 


Steps to set up Related Courses

Visit your dashboard, select "CONTENT" & choose "Courses". In the courses tab go to the course you want to set up "related courses" for.
Now, click on the "Details" icon of that course.



Once you open the "Details" page, click on "Related Products".


Set up a Related Message

Whenever a related product is shown to the learners, the caption says "Other Courses".
However, you have the option to customize this text based on your interest.

Please note that if you leave the "Related Message" blank, it would be automatically shown as "Other Courses". 


Type in your customized Related Course Suggestion text in "Related Message" box & click on "Save".

Show Related Course Suggestion in Cart

You can push the sales further by leveraging the "Suggest in Cart" feature.
If you want to show Related Course recommendation to your visitors while purchasing any course as well, click on Suggest in Cart "Yes" & click on "Save".



By marking it "Yes", you will allow the system to show the related products suggestions in the learners' cart. These suggestions are clickable. Hence, learners can view the courses directly & decide if they want to buy them together. 


Add or Remove Related Products

The final step is to add the "Related Products".

Under "Add/Remove" search for the course which you want to add as a related product. Type out their title & click on the "Search" icon.
Now, select the courses you want to add as "Related Products" & click on "Confirm".
Related courses will be added for your existing course.

Please note that you can set at most 6 Related Products for your individual course.



Likewise, if you want to remove a course from the "Related Products", click on the "delete" icon & select "OK".