How to customize the logo on your course website?

This article describes how to set the Site Logo & Site Favicon within your course platform.

Your site icon, as well as site favicon, is the virtual representation of your institutes' course website. The icon appears on the top of the web browser next to your platforms' URL. Setting up your course website Logo & Favicon helps others to recognize your institutes' brand. 

Steps to Customize Site Logo & Site Favicon:

Visit your Dashboard, scroll down and select "APPS". Now, head over to "Website" to set up your website's logo & Favicon.



Now, go to Site Logo & click on "Choose File" to choose the file from your PC.



Now choose the file from your PC and then click on "upload". Make sure that your chosen Site Logo size has 300 px height or Width at max. 



Following the same procedure, upload Site Favicon.
Click on "Choose File", choose the file from your PC and click on "upload".
Please note that the Favicon size should be 16*16 or 32*32. 



After the above changes, scroll down & click on "Save".