Spayee supports rich multimedia course content within the platform. One such content form is audio. This guide gives a step by step process on how to upload audio content into your courses. 

Steps to add audio file to your Course Content:

Visit your Dashboard, scroll down and select "Content". Now, click on "Courses" & head over to the course where you want to upload audio content. If you haven't set up a course yet, you can set up your first course here.  

Click on the "Course Builder" icon of that particular course. 

Under "Upload New Item", click on "Audio". Now upload the audio file & click on "Upload". You can drag and drop the file or upload from your PC. 

The audio file will be uploaded and processed within a few seconds. 

Once the audio file is processed, you can play it by clicking on the play button. 

After the above steps, click on "Save" to save the above changes. 

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