How to use Affiliate Settings within the Spayee platform?

This article guides you through the step by step process of using "Affiliate Settings" within the Spayee Platform.

Spayee has integrated Affiliate Codes as a marketing tool. Through this section you can add new Affiliates, allow your learners to become affiliates, generate new Affiliate Codes as well as check Affiliate Leader board to see how many leads your individual Affiliates have generated.

Step 1: Create New Affiliates

There are two ways of creating Affiliates within your course platform. 

  1. You can manually add new affiliates into your course platform. To learn about the process, click here.
  2. You can head over to the "Affiliate Settings" & select "Allow Learners to become Affiliate" to enable all your existing & new learners to be an affiliate. 

Step 2: Link Promo codes with your Affiliates

Promo codes can be used as affiliate codes which the affiliates will assign to their learners. Using these promo codes, the learners will get discount & affiliate will get a commission. While creating promo codes, you can link them with their respective learners,

After creating affiliate accounts, you need to link them with their respective Promo Codes.
To know how to generate new Promo Codes and link them with the affiliates, click here

Step 3: Set up the Affiliate Settings

As mentioned in Step 1, you need to click on "Marketing", then select "Affiliate Settings" to do the required changes.



You will be redirected to the Affiliate Settings page.

Default Commission Rate

Through this option, you need to fix a default commission percentage on sales awarded to all of your affiliates. Please note that you can change the individual commission rate while allotting the promo codes to affiliates.   

Allow Learners to become affiliate
As already explained in Step 1, you can allow your learners to become your affiliates through this option.

Allow Learners to become Affiliate Button Text

There is a button visible on the learners' platform clicking on which, they can land on the details of becoming an affiliate. Customise the button text from here.



Affiliate Linking

If a learner uses an affiliate link, lands on the course page & purchases that product within 24 hours, affiliate commission is calculated automatically. However, if by any chance, the learner delays the purchase beyond 24 hours, affiliate commission isn't calculated.

If you want to stretch that limit up to a certain number of days, you can click on Number of Days> Enter days.

On the other hand, if you want to keep it lifelong valid, click on "Lifelong".

Please note that the validity of the affiliate link is determined by the cookies.

Allow Commission on all courses

You can choose to allow a rewarding commission to specific courses or all the courses.
Choose "Yes" to allow the commission to all the courses. 

Or, choose the specific courses under "Search by Courses" to allow commission on them. 



Allow Affiliate to view Learners' Data

You can give Affiliates the option to view the learners' contact information & other data. If you want to keep the learners' details away from the affiliates' dashboard, select "No". 



Terms & Conditions
Whenever an affiliate signs up with your course platform, you can mention any additional points or the terms & conditions that you would want your affiliate to know beforehand. 


affiliate apply

Apply to Existing Affiliates

Whatever changes you did from the affiliate settings, you can apply to your existing affiliates as well.

Just click on "Apply to Existing Affiliates" then select "OK" when a box pops up. 


affiliate apply-1


After all the above steps, click on "Submit".


Update to App Version 2.6.1 to avail the updated features.