How to integrate zoom meeting & webinar within the Spayee platform?

This article describes how to integrate zoom meeting & conduct webinar from within your course platform.

You can conduct Live Zoom sessions through your Spayee platform. 

Integrating Zoom on your Spayee platform

Login to your course platform and in the menu bar select "INTEGRATIONS", then select "Third Party".


A new page will open. Scroll down and look for Zoom JWT Token and Zoom Webhook Token. You need to fill in these in order to integrate zoom into your platform.



In order to fill these two, you need to head to your zoom account.

Zoom Settings 

Open a new tab and sign up on

Before proceeding ahead, please note that Zoom Live feature will only work when you have subscribes to paid Zoom plans i.e, Pro, Business or Enterprise. This integration won't be possible in Free plan.  

Now, click on "Develop" on the top, then select "Build App".



Under "Choose your app type", go to "JWT", now click on "Create".



A new box will pop-up asking you to "name" your App. Type in the name and create.



A new Information section will open where you will have to enter the basic information related to your online institute, such as App name, Company Name, Description etc.
Don't forget to enter "Developer Name" & their E-mail id too.



After entering all the relevant information, click on "Continue".


In the next page, your App Credentials will be automatically generated. Click on "View JWT Token" to generate and copy the JWT Token.



Under "Expiration Time", change the default 90 minutes to "other". 



Now, copy the time given, and paste it on the column above. We have to keep the duration in one year. Hence, change the year from "20" to "21".
Example: If you default timing shows: 17:46 04/17/2020, you change the last 2020 to 2021, which is 17:46 04/17/2021


Now, copy the JWT Token and paste it on the other "third party integration" tab which you left open in the first step.



Now, come back to the zoom tab and click on "Continue". You will be redirected to the "Feature" section.
Now, click on "Add new event subscription".



Fill in the following details:

Subscription Name

Enter any name for this particular event subscription.


Event notification endpoint URL

In this column, you need to paste the URL copied from the Integration page that you opened in the first tab. Copy the Zoom Webhook URL and paste it under "Event notification endpoint URL". 



Now on the Zoom Features Section, click on "Add Events".
Under "Event Types", Go to the "Meeting", then check Start Meeting & End Meeting



Now, go to the "Recording" and check "All Recordings have completed".



You need to check these 3 events in order to integrate zoom meetings.

However, if you want to conduct webinars as well, then you need to additionally check the boxes "Start Webinar" & "End Webinar", then click on "Done".



After the above changes, scroll down & click on "Save".


Your app will finally be activated.



Now Select "Feature", copy the verification token and paste it on the first tab under Zoom Webhook Token and click on Save.


Conduct Zoom Live Classes on Spayee

Open a new tab. Log in to your course platform and create the Live Class that you want to schedule through Zoom Live.
Click on "Zoom Meeting" and enter the necessary details. You can change the instructor through "Choose Zoom User" and select "Submit".



While launching your "Live Class" click on "Launch".



You will be redirected to Zoom directly, where you can teach Live Class via Zoom.