How to customize default E-mail templates within your course platform?

This article guides you on how to customize the default e-mail templates within your Spayee course platform.

E-mail templates are standard e-mails that are sent to your learners or affiliates at different occasions when they do certain things. Within the Spayee course platform, you can send automatic e-mails for the below five occasions:

  1. Welcome E-mail
  2. Forgot Password E-mail
  3. Affiliate Welcome Email 
  4. Learner Affiliate Welcome Email
  5. Live Class Start Email 

The subject as well as the content of these E-mails are totally customizable.

Steps to change default E-mail templates:

Visit your Dashboard, scroll down and select "Settings". Now, click on "E-mails" to edit the whole e-mail settings.  



In the E-mail section, scroll down and go to "Templates".
Here you have the option to enable/disable or customize an E-mail template.



The emails are by-default enables. To disable them, you can click on the button placed at the left of the individual template type.



You can customize an E-mail template by clicking on the edit icon under "Actions".
A new E-mail box will open where you can view & edit the E-mail subject as well as the content.



After editing the template, click on "Save" to save the changes.
You can test the changes made by entering an e-mail id towards the right section of the template, and clicking on "Send".