How to integrate Instamojo payment gateway within your platform ?

This is a step by step self-help guide to integrating Instamojo payment gateway within your course platform.

You can easily integrate multiple payment gateways within your course platform. This guide specifically talks about how to integrate Instamojo. For those of you who don't know Instamojo helps in collecting online payments for anything that you sell online or offline.

Integrate Instamojo Payment Gateway 

Sign up with Instamojo

Go to and sign up with an Individual Account or the proprietor account. If you are unsure of the category, go ahead with Individual Account. You can always upgrade it to proprietor account, but downgrading won’t be possible. It is a simple 5 step process. However, for any help, refer here.

Once your account has been set-up, you will be redirected to "Dashboard". If you haven't, just click on the "Instamojo" on the top right corner to get redirected to your "Dashboard". 



In the landing page, click on the "API & Plugins" in the left section.



Under the Integration settings, you will need all these private keys to integrate them with your course platform. 


Settings within your Course Platform

Open a new tab and login to your course platform. 

Now, visit your Dashboard, scroll down and select "SETTINGS". 



In the landing page, select "Payment" placed right in the top. 



Choose the currency you would like to collect payment in. If your majority of learners are in India, select "Indian Rupee"


Under the "Payment Gateway" select "Instamojo". If you want to charge tax, click on "GST", "VAT" or click on "No Tax". If you want to charge tax, enter the percentage charged under "Default Tax Rate". 


Click on "Save" to save the above changes.

Copying API Keys from your Instamojo Account

Now, scroll down and fill the Private Keys details under the "Payment Gateway Details". Go back to the previous tab you have left open. Now copy Instamojo API Key, Authtoken & Salt and paste it here. 

Click on "Save" to save the above changes.

Your payment gateway integration is complete.

To complete your tax details, you can refer here.