How to check the details of recently enrolled learners?

This article describes the step by step process to check learners' details by applying multiple filters.

Within your course platform, you can check your learners' details by applying various filters. This guide covers the procedure of checking your learners' details step by step, including how to check recent enrolments.

Check Learners' Details

Go to the Dashboard, click on "USERS", then select "Learners".



In the landing page, you can view all the details of your learners by applying various filters. Details will include name, e-mail, their last login as well as actions.
Click on the "Add Filters" to apply filters as per your wish.



By clicking on "Add filters" you can filter the learners' results on the basis of several filters with respect to their details.
Please note that you can apply multiple filters in one go.
To get the details of recently enrolled learners, click on "Enrolled In". You will get the results of learners who have recently enrolled in.



However, if you want to filter in further, you can select the "Course" or apply any other filter to narrow down the results.



After applying the filters, click on "Search". You will get the filtered results of the learners.