How to change the Validity of a course for existing users?

This article describes how you can alter the validity period of your existing learners in a particular course

Once a user signs up into your course platform, they get access to the course they purchased, as well as the free courses. The courses usually get expired at the set validity. However, if you manually want to change the validity of a course for your enrolled learner, you can do so as well.

Step 1: Select the Course

Visit your Dashboard, go to the "CONTENT", then select courses. Now, head over your to your preferred course & click on the "Learners" section.



You will be redirected to the Learners' Details tab of that particular course. You can view all the information about the learners who have enrolled in that course, including the time remaining for the course to expire.

Step 2: Select the Learner

In the Learners tab, check the box on top to select all the learners of that page. For example, in this case, the 10 learners will get selected.


tick learners


If you want to select all the learners from all the pages, then click on "Select All" from the top right.

Uncheck the box for the learners you don't want to remove. 


all learners

Step 3: Alter the Validity

Now, click on "Change Validity".


change course validity

A new box will open titled "Edit Course Validity". Under Validity Type, choose the new validity period for your existing users.

Lifetime Validity: If you want to give access to the course to selected learners for the lifetime. 


course validity

Fixed Date: If you want the course validity to expire on a given date, choose the course expiry date. You can also restrict the remaining usage time. 


date validity

Max Viewing Hours: Set the number of hours up to which your learners can access your course. Set the total number of hours & click on "Submit". 


hours validity

Your course validity would be changed.