What are the best practices for Vimeo video integration within Spayee?

This article talks about the essential settings to be done within your Vimeo account in order to smoothly integrate it.

In order to complete your Vimeo integration with your course platform, you first need to login to your Vimeo account.

Please note the Vimeo integration will work only on paid plans.

After logging in, hover on the “face icon”, the drop-down menu will open. Now click on settings.



Now, click on “Videos” & select “Embed Presets”.



Click on “Add new Preset”, keep a name & click on “continue”.



Now, do the following changes:

1) Under “Player preference”, select “always hide” for “Portrait”, “Title” & “Byline”.

2) Check on the following boxes:

  • Show fullscreen button
  • Show play bar
  • Volume control
  • Speed control

3) Under “After Video” select “Thumbnail”.


After the following changes, scroll down & click on “Save”.

Now, go to Settings & choose “Upload defaults”.



Make the following changes:

  1. Select “No Rating” under “Content rating default”.
  2. Under “Choose embed preset to apply to your videos”, select the name of the new preset you just created in the previous step.
  3. Under “Privacy” select the following:
  • Who can watch your videos? - Hide from Vimeo.com
  • Who can comment on your videos? - No One
  • Where can your videos be embedded?- Only sites I choose. Now enter 2 URL. First would be “Spayee.com”, another would be “YourCustomURL” which you use for your course platform.
  • Where can your videos be embedded?- No Creative Commons License.


Finally, if you want to upload a custom logo, just click on “Player Logos” under “Videos”. Click on “Upload new logo”, upload your custom logo & It’s done.