How to integrate Zapier within your Spayee Course Platform?

This article gives a step by step process to integrate Zapier within your course platform.

Zapier is the web platform that allows you to connect the third-party apps you use for your online education business to your Spayee platform. By connecting these apps you can easily automate tedious tasks.

Example: You can connect marketing automation tools like Mailchimp or Converterkit with your Spayee platform for the events like sending an E-mail to every new learner.

Please note that you can create up to 100 tasks on Zapier on its free plan. Beyond that, you can purchase a subscription of your choice.

Zap, Triggers & Actions

In simple words, Zap is a task that you create in order to connect your Spayee platform with an App. For example, the event of automatically sending a welcome e-mail to your new learner via Mailchimp is a Zap.

A Trigger is an event in your Spayee platform app that begins with the Zap. Once you set up a Zap, Zapier will monitor your Spayee platform for that event.

For example, the zap is to add an e-mail subscriber to your E-mail list via Mailchimp every time a new learner signs up. A trigger will occur the moment any new learner signs up, & Zapier sends the learners' data from Spayee to Mailchimp.

An Action is the event that completes the Zap. In other words, actions are the events that require Zapier to monitor third party app & take action via Spayee.

For example, if you want Zapier to automatically assign learners the course via Spayee platform when their name is entered in the google sheets, that’s an action.

Please note that currently Spayee only allows triggers events & not actions.

Steps to integrate Zapier with Spayee

Sign up with Zapier.

In a new tab, login to your course platform.

Dashboard > INTEGRATIONS> Third Party



Scroll down & click on the Zapier Link.



A new tab will open with an invite within your Zapier account. Just scroll down & click on “Accept Invite & Build a Zap”.



On the Zapier dashboard, click on “MAKE A ZAP” from the menu bar.



In order to create a new Zap:

  1. Keep a new Zap name.
  2. Search about “Spyaee” app under “App & Events” & select Spayee.


You will find the option to 8 triggers which are explained below:

  • New User Created: When a new learner signs up on your platform.
  • New Enrollment: When a user purchases your course/package.
  • New Subscriber: When a new user subscribes to your course platform.
  • Learner Profile Updated: Whenever a learners’ information is updated within the platform.
  • Course Completion: When a learner completes any of your courses.
  • Course Item Completion: When a learner completes a part of/ an item of your course.
  • Success Transaction: When the process of the course purchase transaction is complete.
  • New Course Published: Whenever a new course is published in the course platform.

You can create a trigger in any of the 8 mentioned occasions. However, You are looking for a different trigger, contact our support team.

Select a trigger of your choice & click on “Continue”.



Now, keep this tab open as it is & go back to your course platform to pick up where you left. Generate your “Zapier API Key”



Now copy the key & go back to your Zapier tab.

Click on “Sign in to Spayee”. A new window will open.



Paste your API & enter your subdomain & click on “Yes, Continue”.



To know your Spayee subdomain, log in to your course platform,

Dashboard > SETTINGS > Domain. Under Your Domains, copy the name before ".com" or "".



Within seconds your integration will be complete & your institutes’ name will be visible. Now, click on “Continue” to proceed.



Scroll down & click on “Test Trigger”.



They will find a user. Now, click on “Continue” & proceed to the next step. Choose another app under “Choose App & Event”.



In this zap, we are integrating Spayee with Google Sheets. You can choose an app of your preference. Under “Choose Action Event” choose the action “Create Spreadsheet Row”. You can choose a different action as well.



Click on “CONTINUE”. Now click on “Sign in to Google Sheets”.



A new tab will pop-up. Sign in with your E-mail id. When your sign-in gets complete, click on “Continue”.



Now you need to “Create Spreadsheet Row”. Here you need to specify the following:

  • My Google Drive: Select the drive where your “New User” generated spreadsheet is saved.
  • Worksheet: Select the sheet number where data will be updated. We have selected “Sheet 1”.
  • Email: Enter the first email id of that column.
  • Names: Enter the first “Name” of the name column.
  • Id: Enter the first “Id” of the id column.

After entering the following details, click on “Continue”.




After filling the above details, click on “TEST & CONTINUE”.



You will get the message at the button saying “Your Zap is ready. Turn it ON.” Click on the radio button to turn on your zap.



Your first zap is ready!