How to compress your videos using Handbrake?

This article talks about using Handbrake to change the format & size of your video content suitable for uploading on your course platform.

HandBrake is a free open source video decoder which compresses your video lectures & makes it suitable for usage on your course platform.

Steps to use HandBrake:

Download Video Compression Software HandBrake on your computer from here. Install the application on your system.

Now, open the app. You can either drag & drop your video files here or browse from your computer.



After selecting the video, do the following changes:

Video > Framerate (FPS) > 30.



Quality > Average Bitrate (kbps) > 1200



Now click on “Audio”.

Select Audio> BitRate > 128



Go to Presets from the top corner of the page.

Presets> General > Very Fast 720p30



Now, Change your saved file path by clicking on the Browse button.

Finally, click on “Encode”.



Now, you are good to upload these videos on your Spayee Course Platform.