How to add custom fields to gather learners’ information?

This article guides you on adding new input fields to gather students’ information during registration and checkout.

While signing up on your course platform, the learners are required to provide their details. For example: First Name, E-mail id & password are some pre-defined fields which are mandatory for learners to fill. However, you have the flexibility to configure other fields. 

Steps to add new Custom Fields

Dashboard > SETTINGS > Custom Fields



Field Name

Your “Field Name” should communicate what information are you asking for. This will be visible to the user on the signup page, checkout page or before accessing their courses based on this field’s setting. 

Example: Mobile Number, Age , Gender etc



Field Type

Specify what kind of custom field you want to create.

We support this field type can choose one from the following:

  • Text 

Field Type Example: Address.

  • Date 

Field Type Example: Date of Birth

  • Number

Field Type Example: Mobile Number.

  • List

Field Type Example: How did you know about my course? 

Field values: Friends, Family, Online Ad. 

  • Radio

Example: Sex.

Field values: Male, Female, Prefer not to say. 

  • Image Upload

Example: Upload std. 12th mark sheet.

Once you select the following field types there are a few options of configuration that you can choose from:


Is Part of Sign Up

While signing up, a few fields are pre-defined. For example: First Name, E-mail id & password are some pre-defined fields which are mandatory for learners to fill. Through this option, you can enable additional field while signing up.

In order to specify additional fields, just move the toggle button.



Is Part of Check Out

If you want your learners to give additional information as a checkout process, you can enable this field.

In order to enable this option, move the toggle button.



Before Accessing Course

You can add custom fields after learners purchase the course & before accessing them. In order to enable this option, move the toggle button.



Is Editable

Once the learners submit a piece of information, you can pre-decide if they would be able to update this field later on from their profile or not.



Is Required

If you want to make a field as mandatory, your learners won’t be able to proceed ahead before filling up that information. 


Please note that asking too much information during signup will reduce your conversion.