How to add slider images on your institutes' Mobile App?

This article is a step by step on adding clickable slider images on the homepage of your institutes' mobile app.

Slider images on your app's homepage are a set of four clickable images that can send your users anywhere on your course platform or any custom link.

Adding Slider Images on Your Mobile App

Go to your Dashboard > DESIGN > Mobile Apps > Android

Scroll down & go to "Store Image Slider". Now, click on "Choose File" & upload slider images. The preferred size should be 600x400.

Please note that you can't upload multiple images at once. Upload them one by one.


Target Link

Target link is that section of your course platform which your learners will land on once they click on the particular image.

Here are the following target link types to choose from:

  1. Course/Package Landing page: Select the specific course/package & the learners will directly land on that course page.
  2. Category Page: Choose the category and your learners will land on the course page belonging to those categories.
  3. Custom Page: If there is a custom page on your platform, just write the name of that page and select.
  4. Blog Page: Your learners will directly land on the blog section of your course platform.
  5. Custom Link: If you want to send your audience somewhere else altogether, just enter the URL & the learners will land there.

Remove Image Slider

If you want to remove an image slider, just click on the "x" icon beside that image.


Rearrange Slider Image sequence

To arrange your slider image sequence, click on the slider icon beside the image and scroll down or up as per your preference.



After the above changes, scroll down & click on "Save".