How to change the course validity for existing learners?

This guide explains how to change the course validity of your existing learners using Bulk Enroll.

Once a course is assigned to the learners, you might want to change the course validity of your existing learners.

In order to extend or shorten the course validity period for your existing learners, you can use Bulk Enrol Enrol feature.

Changing Validity using Bulk Enrol

First & foremost, to get a deeper understanding of "Bulk Enrol", click here.

Step 1: Download Course Report

A Course Report contains the details of the learners of a particular course. You need to download the course report of the course whose validity you wish to alter.


Dashboard > CONTENT > Courses > Learners



Download "Complete Report".

Complete report/Course report consists of all the learners' details of that particular course. You just need to extract the E-mails of learners, which will be used while proceeding to the next step.



Select "Bulk Enroll", placed towards the top right.


Download the Excel Template by clicking on "Download Excel Template".
The template would be editable.

In the template, paste the E-mail Id which you have extracted from the "complete report". Under validity, fill in the validity period in the format of "yyyy-MM-DD".



Check the "E-mail" & "Expiry (yyyy-MM-DD)" boxes assigned beside them.

Here, include the E-mail Id of your learners whose validity period you wish to alter & enter the validity period under "mm-dd-yyyy".

Now, upload that updated excel template Choose File > Upload.