How to check bandwidth usage within your course platform?

This article helps you to view the everyday bandwidth usage & bandwidth left as per your plan.

Bandwidth is like your course platform storage which gets consumed as per learners' usage. 

Your free bandwidth limit & additional bandwidth cost depends on the pricing plan you choose.

Checking Bandwidth Usage


Video: Check Bandwidth Usage

Go to your Dashboard > REPORTS > Bandwidth.


BW usage


Storage Used

This determines the total storage used by your course platform to date.


BW usage-1


Checking Bandwidth for a particular period

Click on the "Current Month" box under "Bandwidth" to switch to bandwidth usage results for the Current Month, Last Month, Last 3 Months or Last 6 Months. 




If you want to check for a different period, select Date Range > Starting Date > Ending Date > OK.   

For example: You can use this option if you want to check the bandwidth usage for the past 45 days.




You can view the total bandwidth usage for your chosen period, from below the date selection.


BW usage-2

Daily Bandwidth Usage

Scroll down & view your daily bandwidth usage for a period of time you have chosen. Date wise usage used is shown in the form of a Bar Graph.

Please note that your daily Bandwidth usage is updated the next day at 3 am.  


BW usage-3