How to check learners Quiz, Form & Course report?

This guide explains how to check the Quiz Leaderboard and Course progress reports of the learners, within the platform.

In the individual courses, you have the option to check the whole learners' report associated with it. Course and Quiz report help you assess how students are performing, in the Quiz as well as while taking the course. 

Visit your Dashboard > CONTENT > Courses > Learners Icon. 




You will be redirected to the Learners' Details tab of that particular course. You can view all the information about the learners who have enrolled in that course.


learners details

Item Wise Report 

An Item Wise Report gives the report of your forms & quizzes that you have uploaded on a certain course. Quiz report gives the details of all the learners who attempted the Quiz. On the other hand, a form report gives the details of all the learners who have filled out the form.


Video: How to Download Form Report?


How to download Form Report.

Please note that the process is the same for both Quiz & Form Report. Hence, in the further steps, I have shown how to download Quiz report.

There, you can view marks scored by the individual learners, their rank, percentile & other details.

Click on Item Wise Report > Choose Quiz/ Form Item > Submit.


form report

Once you hit the "Submit" button, the report would automatically get downloaded in your computer. 

The report would be in the spreadsheet format, having Rank, Percentile, Name, Email, Marks, Registration, Attempt no., & Time taken. of the individual learners who attempted that Quiz. 


Item Wise REport-1


Video: How to Download Quiz Report?



Complete Report

The Complete Report gives a detailed report of all the learners who are taking the course. There, you can view the learners' information along with their chapter wise completion status.


Video: How to Download Complete Report?


Complete Report

Click on the "Complete Report" placed at the top.

A message will pop-up specifying "You will be notified by e-mail once your file is ready. You can download the file from the Reports section."


complete report


As per the text, go to Dashboard> Reports > Downloads > Download Report.


download course report


The report would be in the spreadsheet format, having learners comprehensive information including their chapter wise course completion status.