How to Create a Form within the course platform?

This article teaches you how to create a form and add that into the course content.

A Form can be used to collect multiple kinds of information from the learners once they enroll into a course.
Example: After completion of a chapter, you can roll out a feedback form asking them to rate the chapter content on various factors such as "easy to comprehend", "worth for money", "Quiz Difficulty" Etc. 

Video: Use Form Builder to create forms

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Steps to Create a Form:

Go to your Dashboard > CONTENT > Courses. Now, go to the course builder of your preferred course. 




Now go to Add new Chapter > Form > Add form name > Submit.



Fill in the following form details:

Title: This contains the title of the course as entered by you while creating the form. This field is editable.

Tags: Tags are the set of topics related to this form.

Enable Sharing: Enable this option if you want the learners to be able to download the form. 

Availability Setting: Select "Always Available" if you want this form to be always available to learners. However, if you want to select a particular time frame, select Time Based > Available From (beginning date) > Available Till (Ending date). 


Form details

Form Builder

Using our in-built Form Builder, you can create the form easily by using drag & drop form elements feature.   


Form Drag & drop

Supported form fields in the Form Builder:



Ideally, Header should be on the top of your form. Here you can enter the title of the form or any other text that might be helpful to your learners. 

Example: "Select your preference." as header just before checkbox questions.  


Checkbox Group

The checkbox is shown as a square box that allows the users to select one or more options of a limited number of choices.
Example: If you want to collect data on the type of sports played by your learner;
Which of these sport do you play actively:

In the above question, there will be a checkbox beside every option. The learner can select the multiple numbers of options as per his answer.


Date Field

Select the Date Field if you want the learner to select a date.

Example: What is your Date of Birth?



Select the "Number" field if you would want an answer in a numerical form.

Example: What would you rate our Live Class quality from 1-10 with 10 being the highest & 1 being the lowest? 



This option is suitable if you want an answer in the form of a text entered by learners.

Example: Would you want our doubt class to get extended to twice a week? Why? 


Radio Group

Radio Buttons are typically rendered as small circles, which gets filled or highlighted when gets selected. It can be used in a group question where the learner needs to choose just one of the options.

Example: What's your gender?



This option allows learners to view multiple options & choose one, for a particular question. 

Example: What subject has been most beneficial for you? Option: Maths, Science & Economics. 


Text Field 

The Text Field is used to gather information which involves smaller texts.

Example: Name the chapter you lectures you liked the most in this course package?


Text Area

Text Area is used to gather descriptive text like an essay. This field makes it convenient for the users to type in multi-line text.


Editing the form field

All the above-mentioned form field are fully editable. 

Drag & drop a form field & click on the "Edit" icon to make necessary changes. 


edit form

After clicking the "edit" icon, you will be exposed to various options related to a particular form type. A few have been explained below.



If you don't want your learners to skip this question then check this box.


The title of the form field under which this element will be visible to learners.


A "Name" is the batch question title under which the form element will open. Please note that the "Name" is not visible to the learners & is only for the internal purpose.


This is the pre-filled answer. In the checkbox, question leave this field blank.

Help Text

This text would help the learners in answering a particular form field question.  


Under Radio Group, Checkbox Group or Select, enter various options of the question you provide to your learners.


A "Name" is the question title under which this question will be recognized by the server. Please note that the "Name" is not visible to the learners & is only for the internal purpose.
Fill up the "Name" under which the text will open. 


This is the pre-filled answer. However, learners can edit this as per their need. Leave this field blank if you want the learners to type in their individual answer.

Character Width

This determines the size of the characters entered by the users. 

Min & Max

Under "Numbers", you can restrict minimum & maximum allowed input. 


form field

Copy a form field

Hover over the form field you want to copy, now click on the "copy" icon. The form will be immediately copied.


copy form

Delete form element.

Hover over the form field you want to delete, now click on the "x" delete icon. 

 remove form

After filling in all the details, click on "save".